Rules for pilgrims

1. During the curfew, it is forbidden to be on the street and in other public places between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. In case of violation of the curfew, the period of stay may be shortened with the possibility of black visa.

2. It is PROHIBITED for pilgrims to go outside the pilgrimage area during the curfew.

3. The purchase and use of pyrotechnics, including fireworks, fireworks, and other explosive substances, is prohibited.

4. The use of pneumatic weapons and toys imitating weapons, laser pointers are prohibited.

5. You must always have your passport with you.

6. It is not allowed to photograph posts, military equipment and military personnel, including with the use of quadcopters.

7. In the event of an air alarm, you must immediately go to the shelter.

8. It is mandatory to pay the tourist tax at the rate of 1,300 UAH per person.

Pilgrims must strictly comply with the requirements of law enforcement officials!!!