Attention pilgrims!!!!

From 0-00 on September 15, 2022, access to the pilgrimage area will be restricted.

By decision of the Cherkasy Regional Military Administration in Uman from September 19 to 30, 2022, it is prohibited:

- sale of alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages, pyrotechnic products, as well as pneumatic weapons, knives and toys imitating weapons;

- departure of pilgrims outside the pilgrimage district during the period of curfew.

 The order of movement and arrival of pilgrims to Uman:

1) movement by road transport:

- during the curfew, movement by road transport is prohibited.

Movement during the curfew (from 23:00 to 05:00) is possible only with the escort of the patrol police from the checkpoints across the state border to the city of Uman (tel. +38 050 407 03 03).

2) entry to Uman will be carried out only in one place (Vyzvolyteliv street).

Surface inspection and inspection of personal belongings and luggage at the filtration point.

At the entrance to Uman (Vyzvolyteliv street), pilgrims will be checked for the presence of prohibited items using technical means.

If pilgrims are accompanied by patrol police, the specified inspection is not carried out at the filtration point.

Pilgrims must strictly comply with the requirements of law enforcement officials!!!

Including the requirements for observing the curfew established in Uman, as well as responding to the "Air Alarm" and "Missile Danger" signals.